Lifting the lid at Plug and Play..

Lifting the lid at Plug and Play..

Pitch day at Plug & Play! 

Exciting but nerve-wracking – 8 minutes to explain what we do and impress over 100 VCs and mobility corporates at Plug & Play’s Silicon Valley HQ. 

How did I do? Check out the video!

There was little time to get into details so I tried to compress the classic pitch deck narrative into 2 simple sections:

First up: why is this a valuable problem that needs to be solved? Because AVs won’t hit the road without realistic virtual humans.

Secondly: why can Latent Logic win? Because we’ve got first-to-market advantage in a major market, great tech from our brilliant team, and strong commercial traction.  

The result: lots of positive feedback, and some great contacts and business opportunities. Job done!

The one negative feedback I got was that I shouldn’t have closed with our mission around saving lives from road accidents – apparently you shouldn’t finish a pitch on a downer… 

OK, maybe not the best rhetorical flourish. But this job isn’t all about speech-making. Saving lives is the reason I’m so determined to get our tech out there – so we can get AVs on the road sooner, and know they’re safe.