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Joining Latent Logic means exposure to the latest state-of-the-art research on deep learning. It means building a route from the lab to the real world, to turn great ideas into products with real impact. It means the flexibility to think and create in ways that work for you, with straight-forward and open communication in a diverse, friendly team. Everyone has a key role to play in shaping our culture and ways of working. We look for people who want to get stuck in and be part of building something special for the long term.

Our Values

We believe in 4 principles, which are based on our technology. We look for people who share these values:

  • Honest: being open and straight-forward with people, while remaining friendly and collaborative, is the key to building trust.
  • Practical: we want to make things that work in the real world. This means balancing technical ambition with the art of the possible.
  • Pioneering: new and evolving challenges need new and evolving solutions. Our academic background inspires our technical ambition.
  • Open-minded: everyone is free to question, challenge, and suggest new ideas. We’re not afraid to be wrong.
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Spotlight on Two of Our Team

Read about Latent Logic, and what it's like to work here, from our team members.

Kyriacos Kyriacos


Research Scientist

How did you come to work at Morpheus, as Latent Logic was called then?

Joao and I [Latent Logic co-founder and CTO] met through the Research that led to the foundation of the company. I was actually still doing my PhD at that time, so I wasn’t involved when the company was founded, but then I joined as employee number 5. At that point we all worked on the Imitation Learning side, so we had no Computer Vision team.

How has working here changed between then and now?

When we started it was still a very academic, quite unstructured environment. Now things have become more focused and structured, but there is still a very relaxed feel to the company. We are more experienced at running a company now and can combine that with our academic backgrounds. We now have a good plan and lots of things we want to develop, so for me it’s exciting to go in every day.

What’s the team like?

Super nice. It’s very international and varied in terms of backgrounds, and we have a mix of different personality types. It’s quite relaxed in a sense – there’s not a lot of hierarchy. Everyone is heard and allowed to have an opinion, I really like that. If there is a decision that needs to be made, Joao has the final say.

I play music with some of the people here, and we have a group that plays squash weekly.

How do you feel about working in Business compared to Academia?

I like that in business you are working toward a clear long-term goal. On the other hand, the lack of well-defined goals in academia allows you more freedom to just try new ideas.

But we still have a strong link to academia through attending reading groups and publishing our own research, as well as through personal connections. At Latent Logic there are always new challenges, and the exposure to new ideas and new research helps us be prepared for these and to find new solutions.

Feryal Feryal


Research Scientist

What is your role/position? What does that mean?

I’m a research scientist in the Learning team. We are working on training agents that can reproduce human-like behaviour in diverse situations. Currently, we’ve been looking at pushing the state of the art in Learning from Demonstration methods, to make them work in real-world situations, where expert data is noisy and hard to obtain. We’re collaborating closely with the Computer Vision team, to directly learn from data extracted from raw videos of human behaviour. 

How did you come to work at Latent Logic?

At the time, I was working on Deep Reinforcement Learning methods in robotics and was looking for ways to improve their efficiency to tackle more complex problems. I realised that Imitation Learning would be a great research direction and started looking for research positions where I could pursue this further. I saw a tweet from Shimon [Latent Logic Co-Founder], in which he mentioned Latent Logic and discovered that they were exactly working in this area. Being able to collaborate with a team on this challenging research problem was really appealing to me. Also, in a start-up you have lots of responsibility and have to work on several different fronts, which was really exciting to me.

How do you find the team?

It’s quite fluid at the moment, with lots of new joiners growing the team! But it’s exciting as we get to work with people from many different backgrounds. The team is really diverse too, with people from many different countries and two other women in senior roles, which is really encouraging. I find that having such a diverse environment definitively helps with creativity, ideas and team dynamics.

What was your best moment at Latent Logic so far?

We’ve recently finished a big push to write up some of our research for publication, and it was a great experience working together to achieve this and share our work. I also really like having recent graduates working in our team. Seeing them grow, contribute to our projects and discovering what research directions they want to push further has been fantastic to see.


We'll occasionally add new team member interviews. Check out the Blog page for interviews with more members of the team!

Central Oxford Location

  • Our offices are located in the heart of beautiful Oxford.
  • Oxford train station is 3 minutes walk away.
  • Oxford is a 1 hour train ride from London Paddington or Marylebone.
  • We offer flexible working hours to make life easier for people commuting from London.
  • We are in easy walking distance of the colleges, museums, the Oxford Castle and the Westgate shopping centre.
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We’re Hiring!

We are always looking for people who get excited about the same things we do, especially:

  • Machine Learning Engineers (computer vision, reinforcement learning, learning from demonstration)
  • Research Scientists (computer vision, reinforcement learning, learning from demonstration)
  • Software Engineers
  • Product Managers

We take full-time hires and interns. Prior work experience or knowledge of autonomous cars is not required.

Even if you’re not looking right away or we don’t have the right role for you right now, send us an email and your CV and we can keep in touch.